The Story SO far . . . 


On the planet Gunk, in a Pixel Galaxy far far away, Doctor and her angry Slime Botz Tribe were sooooo hungry because they had eaten all of the planet’s food supply.

They were so hungry that they weren’t just angry botz anymore, they were HANGRY BOTZ!

Doctor knew that the most delicious pixel food was grown on planet PIXEL8, but unfortunately for the Slime Botz, they weren’t allowed to go there anymore.

You see, every Pixel Bot who lives on PIXEL8 looks after the planet pixels, but the last time the Slime Botz were on PIXEL8 they refused to replant or recycle pixels which made a huge mess.

Because the Slime Botz didn't want to look after PIXEL8 and it's yummy pixel food they were kicked off the planet by all the other Pixel Botz tribes.

Now PIXEL8 is guarded by the Spirit Botz who use their Pixel Powers to keep the Slime Botz away.



Doctor Bot would not give up on that yummy pixel food so she used her imagination to come up with a plan to get back onto PIXEL8.

She invented...The MagneRay Trap!

The MagneRay Trap was a humongous pixel magnet that would suck the other Pixel Botz on planet PIXEL8 into it’s magnetic rays.

Once captured inside The MagneRay Trap, the Pixel Botz would be transformed into Slime Botz Servants and sent to collect delicious pixel food for the hungry Slime Botz tummies.

The Slime Botz tribe worked tirelessly to build the The MagneRay Trap and got it ready to set it upon the Pixel Botz on PIXEL8.



Word got around the galaxy about Doctor and her MagneRay Trap and the Pixel Botz started to worry.

Clever Bot realised something needed to be done so she gathered together her Bot Botz tribe and came up with her own amazing creation - The Pixelcraft 9000 - a super fast vehicle that could travel to collect all the Pixel Botz in The MagneRay’s path.

It was a good plan but it wasn’t enough - The MagneRay’s magnet was too strong for The Pixelcraft 9000. 

If it got too close to the trap it too would get sucked into it’s rays!

The Pixel Botz had to come up with something better - and fast!

It was Bubble from the Spiky Botz Tribe who came up with the ‘Great Pixel Bot Plan’ inspired by her very own Pixel Power.

The Giant Bot. 

The Giant Bot would require all of the Pixel Botz to join together in a very particular order to create one GINORMOUS MEGA Pixel Bot that would defeat The MagneRay Trap once and for all.



The time had come and Doctor was preparing to activate The MagneRay Trap...but The Giant Bot wasn’t ready!

If the Pixel Botz couldn’t transform themselves into The Giant Bot they would all be captured by The MagneRay Trap and be made to become Doctor’s Slime Botz Servants.

What could the Pixel Botz do?!

That evening, while the Slime Botz were searching for Pixel Hamburgers to eat, Cheeky and Wizz, two very brave little Pixel Botz stole The MagneRay Trap Pixel Key and made a dash for the others.

This bought them some time but it wouldn’t be long until the Slime Botz realised the Pixel Key had gone missing and would come looking for them!

So there was only one thing left to do.

One by one the Pixel Botz used their combined Pixel Powers to take themselves and PIXEL8 apart and scattered their pixels across the Pixel Galaxy making it impossible for Doctor and the menacing Slime Botz to find the Pixel Key and rule the galaxy.

But what happens now?

Fast forward to today…

If you are reading this message: THERE IS STILL HOPE.

At this very moment Doctor is somewhere in the Pixel Galaxy trying to collect the pixels so that she can assemble the Pixel Botz back together, find out who stole her Pixel Key and activate The MagneRay Trap.


If you can find the pixels first and put them back together the Pixel Botz will be able to build themselves into The Giant Bot and defeat Doctor and The MagneRay Trap once and for all.

The galaxy will be saved!

They can’t do it without your help.

Will you help them?

Join The Pixel Revolution…

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